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The "Welcome Aboard" Thread



  • Finally got through all of the applications that were submitted over the holidays. I know some of you had to wait quite a while for this--sorry about that!

    iugo_mello, skullboy555, _dogtaco_, AZJoe39, P1nkman14, Rgx18, lasdghfla, Maximus_Virtus, Caboose1T4, MihirJ, CertainlyNot, Rauwomos, meat_rod, zZkobeyZz, hariboo97, 8bit1der, Gozandos, x24_GHOST_42x, eawgarywb, TumbleBuzz, mellowkid9090, bootypiper, flippo_chris, cheshire_fox, Riku0831, Kiizuni, jsand28, zero00057, seaner246, Blazersproduction, cole12345130, oakstory3q9b

    Welcome one and all to the server!
  • Is the server pop gonna be increased, cos I couldn't help noticing that there is only 10 spaces and idk how many applicants.
  • If it ever becomes an issue, I would consider upgrading the VPS with more RAM and upping the max connections. I don't see it happening any time soon though.

    For example, today, only 5 people have logged on at all so far (and not all simultaneously), so I don't think the server is active enough to worry about that at this time.
  • Sorry, I hadn't checked my email in awhile, but I was excited to find that I'd been accepted! Thanks, and I can't wait to play!
  • dragonplatinum, TauDexy, otassy, Bayta, and LaCelestina have had their applications approved!
  • Thanks for accepting me!
  • Thank you very much for adding me, Rudism!
  • Raybren, welcome to the server!
  • Hello everyone. I'll be logging in today for a bit, say hi if you see me. Nice to finally make it in, and thanks!
  • Sweetlee, welcome to the server!
  • BTWman - welcome to the server!
  • edited January 2012
    thedude6573, Whitnite, mountainamoeba, tombowato, smallgod - welcome to the server!
  • teamnwaamaka and Peaceful_god have both had their applications approved!
  • taticalnukeasap, Aster_Xeo, Mr_Oklahomie, poll69538, WaiTokkie, Carhlon, I_the_Ninja, joshlalonde, and Hiddenleaf have all had their applications approved!
  • Thanks for accepting me :) Nice server you have here... it'd be a shame if something happened to it. SSSsssssssss.
    lol jk
  • Pifflestick, dollarkiller_dk, unordinary123, braven420, woodticker, channon005 - welcome to the server!
  • edited January 2012
    Thembones0320, Demitri98, madx919 - welcome to the server!
  • red_oblivion, bigwheese, Frantic_Waffle, DVIOS, Mr_Creepercraft, mnwfootball22, rene_f, and minrin have all had their applications approved!
  • edited February 2012
    Dml3331, fritz35, ctobro, zja, Baboofmagoo, Hellriser115, ctorres, slisser159 - welcome to the server!
  • ihavenoname135 - welcome to the server!
  • TotallyChexican, gearsofawesome, joelcoolo - welcome to the server!
  • ProfNutbutters, noelcjf, roshannnn, ro0t_, Mori_Lugra, Rinaldi52797, Blaze45327, Rosco1874 - welcome to the server!
  • knight_of_dawn - welcome to the server!
  • Noobiing, Dhodde, TheHaggis, MrLakkalakka, chriseplant, rawrailer, aliciakied, coolestpotato -- welcome to the server!
  • healthyaddict -- welcome aboard!
  • lolwutharvee -- welcome aboard!
  • markspark01 -- welcome aboard!
  • CowChew, Tigerdew, Anakondaen, Barrelrolll, and SupremeTimo -- Welcome aboard!
  • cronoberrychef, Sthene, kevtufc, Sffjl77890, dYikes94, IamBloodhat, aidanny_boy, spikeandjohn, CaeruleanXII - welcome to the server!

    Also, this marks the end of accepting public applications for the time being. We are now only open to referrals from existing players. We'll open up again in the future when it makes sense to do so.
  • Yuuki_BLIXXXV063 - welcome aboard! :)

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