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The "Welcome Aboard" Thread



  • ElijahRockers - welcome aboard!
  • Thankkyou thankyou. Currently out of town but I'll drop by soon
  • podsednik22 - Welcome to the server.
  • Eposter - Welcome to the Server.
  • cannonofthejets - Welcome Aboard good sir.
  • Roxxerx - Weilcome to the server!
  • Hi, got approved but I can't sign in because I'm not white-listed.
  • Sorry about that Roxxerx, you should be good now.
  • QueenVictoria16, Friend of mine, Welcome Aboard!
  • Welcome aboard Crushenator744, friend of Fjord_frost
  • welcome Johny16 friend of Fjord_frost
  • Jburt97, welcome to le server
  • Blobbydude, Neegro_Man and Sir_Pork_Chop - welcome to the server!
  • FrenchFries049 - welcome to the server!
  • Nemosynea, friend of Thembones0320 - welcome to the server!
  • rosekhemri - Welcome to the Server!
  • calmy - Welcome Aboard!
  • thanks.
    I can't connect so I got some questions:
    1. Does it work with TeamExtreme minecraft? Because I tried other servers in the past and couldn't connect to them.
    If not please tell me another source for a cracked minecraft.
    2. Am I on the WL? Where do I see the WL (if it's public)?
  • 1. No cracked minecraft. Vanilla all the way.
    2. Whitelist is not public, but you should be on it.
  • I recommend getting your cracked version of Minecraft from a site called Mojang. It costs about $30 but the crackers are really good, it'll connect to any server.
  • guitarsg, friend of joshlalonde - welcome to the server!
  • MMWong and piggybacon4me (friend of josh and guitar) - welcome to the server!
  • PianoSensation13 (friend of josh and guitar) - welcome to the server!
  • edited July 2014
    ProfMolch, slitherrrr, Korleonis, Zeckenschwarm, DarkLycario, eruvalar, chaomodus, quickfics, MBobrik, Wevverthane, The_Battousai, bduga, sean_passmoor, pax_ethenica, dysd_xxv - welcome to the server! Thanks, PZ! These were the people who did the required haikus. Will continue with the rest of the applications later.
  • Hi everybody!
  • D3zd3z, pbrooks2000, ProLoafer, cynicalotaku, dahduh, Dliev, wavefinder, drksky1056, Javascap, gehertyr, BriBri6, Ashbelminer, Welcome Aboard!
  • edited July 2014
    sheepless, jack_171, Mike_HPL, czander_p - welcome to the server!
  • Wow, I need to start playing some more with all these new people!

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