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The Plunge is now open for business!

edited August 2014 in General
Nestled beside the scenic shores of the great Northern Ocean (, The Plunge promises to someday be THE vacation spot of the summer. Visitors will eventually be treated to all the modern conveniences as they enjoy an exhilarating climb up the many many ladders leading to the main attraction: The Plunge!

With a diving board nearly 100 meters above the turbulent seas below, The Plunge offers a thrilling, yet entirely mostly safe plummet, with plenty of time to scream on the way down. What will no doubt someday be a magnificent dock awaits the bold adventurers who wish to take another dive, or possibly return stolen boats.

The Plunge is easily reached by both land and sea provided you enjoy long boat trips or extended running jaunts. Also available is The Blue Man Memorial Portal, which is just a short jog from the Homestead Portal, which is just a short jog from the Spawn Portal, which is just a brisk invigorating jog from any more important Portal you hang around.

So head on over and take The Plunge! Be the first to say you weren't the last!


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