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Rumor: Microsoft to buy Mojang

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Oooh, boy. This'd make the vitriol against Mojang in the Bukkit forums look tame by comparison.


  • Yeah, not sure if I like the idea of Microsoft having creative/legal control over Minecraft. I don't think they would be so generous in their stand on mods, and while they might improve the vanilla server software, it would probably take them quite a while to take over and produce any results.

    It would also be very worrisome to players on Playstation and Android devices.
  • Uh what. no. Please, nooooo. No.
  • I haven't a doubt that if the rumor is true, and a sale does happen, then Mojang as a company will become unrecognizable -- if it even continues to exist. Besides saving a few core people to continue with Minecraft updates, I don't believe Microsoft has any interest in keeping the company around as a going concern. For better or worse, Minecraft 2: The Minecraftening will happen under Microsoft, and it certainly won't be coded in Java.
  • I don't know how serious this is -- over at Engadget, the implication is that Notch is looking to sell, not that Microsoft is looking to buy. (

    That wouldn't be an overly shocking case, as Notch has expressed before that he wants to move on from Minecraft, and that he'd rather be less in the spotlight; mostly ideas he was discussing when he cancelled 0x10c. Admittedly, if there's a lot of Mojang hate going on because of the Bukkit dispute lately, I wouldn't be surprised if he's just sort of done with the community. (I haven't been following it all that closely.)

    I doubt it would be a specifically problematic change for the game if it did happen. Chances are good that Microsoft would acquire Mojang entirely and let them do their own thing.

    That said, I would not be troubled or disappointed by the announcement of Minecraft 2. I frequently fantasize about a variety of features I'd love to have added to the game that are fundamentally incompatible with the existing architecture. If a team with the right spirit behind it (and a lot of funding) were to start rebuilding minecraft from the ground up, we could easily get a faster game with a smaller footprint and more powerful capabilities.

    Plus, the only risk to development would really be continued support for multiplatform versions of the game -- ie mobile and Playstation editions.
  • I dont know, mobile and playstation are awfully sweet plums to just leave em hanging, even for microsoft.
  • I hope it's a rumor giving ms rep with the gaming world in general. That being said 2 billion is a lot of cheese, and I feel that notch knows he peaked with minecraft. I mean what could he possibly make that would follow up this game? It's epic not just in our love for it but sales in general. The potential for ms to make tons of money on mods and texture packs alone would be worth buying.

    I hope they keep their roots but that's a ton of money to say no to.
  • tons of money, indeed
    I speculate that MS would split the company and sell MC stock, then we'll be buying diamonds for 1.49 each or something, and they'll charge us to play by the hour.
    nothing ruins indie greatness like corporate money
  • @yeoldblacksmith
    Agreed, but it depends on how important they think exclusivity is for competition.

    @pizike82 @Fragonard
    Not to bless Microsoft or anything, but they have been doing mainstream game publishing for quite some time now with stable success, and there's nothing out there that suggests we need to worry about them kicking away the modding community or trying to micro-monetize the existing game.

    They may have a bit of a stuffy reputation, but they're far more responsive than most big publishers when it comes to community feedback.
  • True, EA could buy them errrrr.... shutters
  • Ugh. Let's not think about that possibility, no matter how remote. The day that Minecraft is an Origin Exclusive might be the day when I give up on gaming entirely.
  • Madden NFL: MInecraft Edition
  • Halo: Creeper Assault
  • Mine…sweeper.
  • It looks like you're trying to build a dirt hut!
    Would you like me to:
    -show a tutorial by a Slovenian 9-year-old
    -shop online for dirt
    -install Internet Explorer
  • I find that things become less authentic when they are bought. this dev team has their heart involved and I have concerns about the outcome if leadership is fractured or is no longer autonomous. even the possibility of this purchase could result in a divided team with some individuals who are not happy with the decision.
  • Looks like an announcement will be made on Monday, which makes sense for Microsoft as they are hoping for an uptick in their stock. Even a small jump will help defray the 2.5 billion dollar price tag.

    The pre-Microsoft Minecrafters will be the new Infdev hipsters.
  • I'm almost positive getting Notch out of the way of running Minecraft will be nothing but good for Minecraft.
  • @justinhsu
    Clippy! Long time, so so long time... I thought that I banished you for good.
    Oh well, you are dismissed now. Buh bye, old boy.
  • @slitherrrr

    To be fair Notch has not been running Minecraft for quite a while now. He gave full control to Jeb.
  • @Scou

    It's true, but just amend me to referring to the "Notch regime" (that is, s/Notch/jeb, or any other Mojang member with executive input) and the conclusion is the same. Neither of them has much experience running two-and-a-half-billion-dollar companies (not blaming them--almost nobody does). Microsoft, in theory, has the ability to make a much nicer environment for the Minecraft community, by leveraging the tools it already has at its disposal. In practice, this might mean a more closed environment (for modders, for example), but whichever way they go, the messaging will at least be consistent (i.e., they will either be for modding, and create great tools and community to support it, or they will be against it, and they will have the tools to enforce Vanilla for everyone, avoiding Mojang's hot/cold relationship with the modding community).

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