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I know I have asked MANY questions in the past regarding mods and overlays, and I know it can be annoying to the staff if I keep emailing them. So, I just started a discussion so we could check and debate over allowed mods/overlays.

A new overlay I found called "Overwolf" has been dubbed by many the "Ultimate gaming overlay." I was wondering if an admin would check it out and approve it. It has things like an ingame web browser, Minecraft recipe guide, Video recorder, a Teamspeak3 overlay, and MUCH more. (I am not advertising it, i just want to know if I can use it)


  • Looks pretty cool. Go for it.
  • edited July 2015
    I would like to add, that it's probably okay if it doesn't change actual in-game play such that it would be advantageous. If it somehow gives you the edge over other players, then I would suspect the staff might have a problem with it.

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