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I haven't seen this bug before - has anyone else?

When I log in, I can turn and look around but can't move. Every time I move the camera the screen shows seemingly random views of nearby things in a nonsensical way.

Here's some screenshots:
They were all taken from the same place, just turning.

I've tried logging off and on again, and have tried restarting the client, to no avail.

The internet suggests that it's a latency issue but I haven't found any solutions. Has anyone else experienced this, and do you know how to solve it?


  • That looks like you may have logged in with your head stuck in a block. Have you tried breaking the block? (you won't need to target a specific block, it will automatically target the block your head is in)
  • I've broken the block (weirdly, the blocks all seem to break with fists at the speed that soil does) and moved away, but the vision is still messed up. I even drowned myself in order to respawn, but the spawn point gives me the same issue.
  • I've had similar issues, but so far I could fix it every time by restarting the client.
  • What Zeckenschwarm said. I get this every single time I sign off the server and then sin back in without rebooting the client. Rebooting has fixed it every time.

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