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Forum software updated

I've updated the forum software to the latest version. The old theme was incompatible, which is why things look a little different now. As an added bonus, users should be able to update their avatars again. Please let me know here if you notice anything broken or missing in the forums.


  • Thanks, Rudism. I finally got to change my image... Here is the real me for all those that thought I was a member of ZZ Top for years.

  • There used to be a link to the map viewer at the top of the page, it seems to have gone missing. There's a link to the main website at the bottom of the menu on the right, but it's a bit hard to find imho.

  • Can we change the banner image-cube to width: 50%, and height: 50%. Or alternatively if you want me to, I could change it, not sure of the hosting details though. Its giving me eye twitches being so large hehe. :)

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