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Ender Dragon Battle

So I've found the closest end portal to spawn and have all of the eyes of ender to open it. Though I would like to make the dragon a community event.

I'll set a date of this Saturday (July 28th) at 8:00pm CST. If this time doesn't work for the majority of people, we can rearrange it. There is a nether path to the portal now, but I'll work on getting a quicker nether-ceiling rail for the day. I'll post detailed directions the day prior.

Just so it's a bit of a challenge, I think everyone should be limited to: unenchanted iron armor, shields, iron weapons and bows (with exception of infinity) as well as buckets of water and building blocks to destroy the crystals.


  • That happens to be one of the few days I'm not working. I'd love to do it then, assuming that works for everybody.
    Also, great job finding and putting the portal together already!

  • This sounds awesome! I hope it would still fit within the spirit of the challenge if I brought along some golden apples? I made myself a personal goal to not die for as long as possible, though I suppose it'd be appropriate if my first death of the map happened in the End :)

  • Sure Luna. Just don't want it to be too easy for us. :)

    I've hooked up my portal to the nether highway. Just go to the end of the west highway. There's a rail all the way to the portal.

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