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Request for name tags

I've never set up an afk fish farm, but I know some people have been doing it. If anyone has name tags to spare, could I possibly have some? I think villagers are despawning in my trading hall, maybe when the other random mobs populate their chunks in high numbers. Placing a name tag on most of them should fix this problem. I've already lost a fortune3 librarian. :(

I can come pick them up if you're in game, or you can leave them in the chest by the start of the rail line to my house, in the nether hub area.



  • edited July 2018
    You can buy nametags from librarians, it's their last trade.
    Although I've never heard of villagers just disappearing, are you sure there's not a spot somewhere where zombies can spawn?
  • edited July 2018

    The more I think of it, I do have some diagonal gaps open behind the librarians, like empty pockets diagonally adjacent to where they are, if not directly open to them. I know mobs can attack through diagonals, though. I'll fill those in and see what happens.

    Name tags cost 20=22 emeralds to buy from librarians, and I can't really pull that off for all my villagers right now. :/

  • You may want to make sure they are protected from lightning, too, so that they are not turning into witches. We all know how much it rains on Sitosis ;)

    (IIRC you'd need a roof at least 3 blocks above their heads for lightning not to affect them?)

  • I've got some extras you can have, William.

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