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Laputa has arrived at Spawn

Hi everyone!
I'm working on recreating Laputa (Castle in the Sky), based on the Miyazaki film. I've already built an outline of the floating island based on these images:

Here's my progress so far:

Instead of copying it exactly, I thought it'd be cool if people wanted to build their own mini-towers on the outer rings, so that it looks like a city was built there over time. Differing build styles is encouraged :)
Here's what the rings look like so far:

I'm in the process of leaving a bunch of free blocks for building on the island, or you can use your own. Additionally, I thought it'd be nice if Spawn had a central area where people could set up shops for trade. The interior top half of the central sphere has been set aside for any interested parties:

You can reach Laputa from the portal in the nether hub next to the spawn portal, or by elytra if you have one.

I hope you'll come visit!

-- Luna


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