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Is there any way to find out the coordinates where you last died?

It's a long shot, but I'd be very interested to know if it is possible. I went splat in the End some 7000 blocks out to the East. The only thing of value I had on was my Elytra, but I'd like to recover it. I don't remember having f3 on at the time, and the game decided not to render anything around me, so I don't even know what the terrain looks like. Without the overviewer, I don't know what to do. If this is possible, maybe I can have Viscus' coordinates when he died in the End too. As long as I am going on an item recovery mission, I don't mind getting other peoples' stuff back to them as well.


  • There's no way of knowing but you could go on a search. The items won't despawn unless they're in an activated chunk (within 10 chunks of a player), you have 5 minutes until they despawn.

    A hard task in the end where everything looks the same.

  • Yeah at this point it'd be more expedient to find and raid another end city... plus I used a bunch of rockets in the dark to try and stay aloft, so it'd be a VERY wide search area. If the overviewer ever gets updated I could use that to make a good guess where I was.

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