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Future of Sitosis

Hello all!

I have been absent from this community due to personal reasons and just plain lack of time. I was brought back from my slumber by the invoice our server host sent me. I'll get straight to the point.
Should we keep Sitosis running? It has always been an awesome place, very different from many other MC servers, but are you still interested in coming here? Would you still want to help to pay the hosting bill? I would very much like to keep this community going, but I currently don't have the time to be actively managing it. Are there players who could take on more responsibility if we decide to keep the lights on?

What do you think?



  • If someone is willing to partner up with me, I'd go 50/50 as co-owners for the server, be an active staff member and cover half the bill. Otherwise, if anyone else has any other partnership ideas, let me know. I've been here on/off for 8 years and would like to see Sitosis survive.

    As is, the community here has all left, looking at the server stats, never more than 1 person irregularly signs in. And I'm not too interested in playing on a server that's outdated and has no active community base. Although I do believe that's easily remedied in this case and would be a shame to leave as is.

    If anyone has any ideas, shoot me a PM.

  • I am pleasantly surprised that Sitosis MC is even still around! The invoices got CCed to me as well, and I suspect the VPS landscape has changed enough that it should be possible to negotiate a better deal.

    While I can't really commit to long-term involvement with managing the server again, I'd be happy to help with that negotiation or to research possible cheaper alternatives and help with the migration. Offer stands for anyone who may decide to take over management duties.

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