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Cool build idea: Sword Nether Portal

I'm completely in love with this build idea, though I wouldn't want to copy it precisely. I think it would look amazing if there were, you know, just HUMONGOUS GIANT SWORDS sticking out of the landscape all over the server.

Youtube video here:

I'm definitely building one on Isle of Cowards.


  • That is SUPER cool!! Ahh I love it
  • oh man, this is gonna look extremely sinister on the outskirts of my Otherwise Unremarkable Town. "ayyep, you want the Hellmouth. Out behind the ol' Johnson place, past the library."

  • Isle of Cowards Sword nether portal is up! well, the overworld half of it anyway. Still working on the Nether half.

  • Bringing this back from 2 maps ago! This time I'm switching it up, the blade (bottom half) is already built on Cowards Isle in an underground cave, and the sword hilt will be built on the nether side, on Nethertop.

    This screenshot is from my test build world. Currently redesigning it to be a slightly simpler palette and 100% spawnproof. Spawnproofing on Nethertop is a high priority for me.

    Yes, I am aware this is extremely Extra. I still love this concept and I am all for every single Nether Portal being a huge-a$$ sword (or other weapon - battleaxe would be a challenge!)

  • I'm here for the Extra. As someone trying to push myself to do more creative builds than practical ones, I do rather like this.

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