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Elytra Training Jump


Do you have an elytra you are viscerally terrified of using, because heights freak you out and you hate dying?
Do you keep telling yourself you just need some practice, but keep putting it off?
I sure do!
Come to the Elytra Training Jump, and practice without that pesky fear of death!

The Elytra Training Jump is a massive pit drilled down to bedrock, with the bottom shallowly flooded to prevent fall damage. Stairs around the edge and a variety of platforms at different heights allow practice for takeoffs and landings, and a convenient bubblevator lifts you to the top for fresh attempts. Get comfortable flying in a safe spot, without fear of mob spawns or a sudden plummet.

Some disclaimers:
* Elytra and rockets not included. BYO.
* You'll find beds in the house nearby. While Coward's Isle is safe from most hostile mobs, phantoms will still spawn if you haven't slept. Please sleep at least once every 3 nights to stop phantoms from spawning.
* Coward's Isle has a variety of farms. They are free for guests to use. Please replant, etc., and inform Mempo if something breaks.

Coward's Isle is easy to get to via boat, or the myriad of Nether roadways. Just a hop and a jump from Spawn! Come visit!


  • Niiice, once I get around to grabbing an elytra I'll be sure to visit. Out of curiosity, did you TNT dupe down to bedrock or do it the old fashioned way?

  • Old fashioned way. I've been working on this since the beginning of the season - very excited to see it complete!

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