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In search of Elytra

Hi all,

I take it the End has been pretty well looted at this point? I was searching for an end ship a few nights ago but didn't find one. I did find a good bit of evidence that a lot of the islands had been visited.

I also somehow aggroed a bunch of endermen and got killed, dropping a bunch of highly enchanted diamond gear. :'( If anyone runs across it, they'd be doing me a huge solid if they put it in a chest or something.


  • I also ran into trouble finding end cities the last time I raided. I ended up going REEEALLLY far south and then started getting luckier. I'd support taking down the ender dragon again to open a new portal for some fresh exploration opportunities. It's tough without the overviewer for 1.13...

  • I was unsuccessful finding my own stuff, but I found multiple end cities to the East. Since I've now got plenty of end resources for myself, I'm happy to reserve one of them for you to raid. I'm currently sheltering in an unraided one with a ship included. Would you like the coordinates?

  • Sure, I'll take those coordinates. :) I only really want an elytra, I can share anything else.

    I guess I'll try to get my gear back at some point. I have a good number of diamonds but the enchantments were a considerable investment.

  • You can find it at 5146 / -2485. I found it while looking for a return portal. If I don't find one nearby, I'll likely head all the way back to the portal I arrived at. If that happens, you'll have a nice string of bridges to get out here :)

  • Let me know if you can't find one. I've been really inactive lately and could lend you mine if you still need it.

  • While out looking for an elytra (I did find one) I noticed that many of the looted End Cities are incomplete (chunks missing?). It seems this was a known bug from 1.13 fixed (?) in 1.13.1. I assume fighting the End dragon again will clear out all these broken End Cities.

  • Doesn't fighting the end dragon again only open a new portal on the main island? And it regenerates the obsidian pillars. The dragon might also grief the rails to the enderman farm. Probably the only way to fix the mis-generated end islands would be to prune those chunks and then visit them again to regenerate them.
  • But fighting the ender dragon again might still be helpful. If a new portal leads to an unexplored part of the end, any new cities should generate properly

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