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  • pizike82

    PZ, did you have any plans for this island near your mountain? I was wanting to build a giant ziggurat here, I will not be exploring for resources or anything. My island is a bit too small without major deep water construction. I plan on importing all the materials.

    Proposed land:


    I can put it else where as well, just looking around and I was wanting to put it closer towards spawn rather then off away on it's own. This just happens to be the closest suitable location near my island just to it's north.

    February 2017 Comment
  • warzorack
    Nether Portal Synchronization Today I built the nether portal for Rockser and I, it would appear ours have sync'd up which is odd considering we're over 1000 blocks of you due northwest. Unfortunately I didnt take my diamond pick into the nether for fear of losing it. I am stuck in your town (it's very nice). Anyway, we need to unsync the portals, we can either do it when we're both on, or you can ask rockser11, since he's at our base.
    July 2014 Comment